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The shops, restaurants, pubs and other services in Beaconsfield Old Town , in Buckinghamshire, England, are all sensitively integrated within its historic architecture. This website is intended to give you a quick and easy guide to these establishments. This view gives you most information about each establishment; for a more visual impression, visit the Pictorial View.

Click on a Red letter, in the Street Plan and you will be 'taken there' (if you see this introduction instead, please just click the same letter again). Just scroll up and down to explore along the street, clicking on 'continue' or 'go back' as appropriate. Hover over a picture to enlarge it.

Beaconsfield Old Town

Windsor End S to N


Car Park and Tuesday Market

Parish Church of St Mary & All Saints

Wycombe End E to W


Estate Agents

Local History Information Centre

Also home to BOTRA: Beaconsfield Old Town Residents Association.

The Broadway Hotel & Restaurant

a bit further on

Petrol Station

a bit further on

Wycombe End W to E

Beaconsfield Garden Centre


The Old Begal Restaurant

Buck House

Grosvener House Interiors
Antiques, Furniture, Pictures

Leigh House Peking Restaurant

The Crazy Bear Hotel

Rickis News
Newsagent and General Stores

The Crazy Bear Hotel


We Love Kitchens


Aylesbury End S to N

Dry Cleaners

The Charles Dickens
Public House

Zizzi Ristorante
Italian Restaurant

... we've opened more than 100 restaurants across the country. ... each one has a distinctly local feel. After all, it's the people that make the restaurant, the staff and the customers. Our philosophy from the start has been the same - you can taste when someone loves what they do. ..extract from   website:


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